Intergas 28/24 Combi Compact Boiler (Combi +jig)

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No diverter valve or valve motor

No hot water plate heat exchanger

No air pressure switch

Less parts, more reliability

Easy to service & easy to maintain

Almost no standby losses

Horizontal and vertical flue options

Possibility to install the central heating system apart from the hot water system


Nom. power rating (lower value) kW 7.2 - 28.0

Domestic hot water threshold l/min 2

DHW Flow Rate at ΔT 25°C l/min 15

DHW Flow Rate ΔT 35°C l/min 11

DHW temperature (factory setting) °C 55

Max. DHW water pressure bar 8

Min. DHW water pressure inlet bar 0.2


Nom. input rating (lower value) kW 7.1 - 23.7

Rated Power kW 7.7 - 23.1

Max. CH water pressure bar 3

Max. CH water temperature °C 90

SEDBUK rating

SEDBUK rating A

Boiler dimensions and weight

Weight kg 33

Height mm 650

Width mm 450

Depth mm 240

ErP data (CELEX 32013R0811, ANNEX IV)

Seasonal space heating energy efficiency class A

Heat rated output power (P rated) kW 23

Seasonal space heating energy efficiency % 93

Annual energy consumption GJ 69

Sound power level dB 45

Maximum load profile XL

Water heating energy efficiency class A

Water heating energy efficiency % 87

Annual electricity consumption kWh 17

Annual fuel consumption kWh 4975