Ideal Independent C30 Boiler

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Ideal Classic 30kw Combi Boiler Independent C30 Product Description

The boiler is supplied fully assembled with DHW plate heat exchanger, diverter valve, circulating pump, pressure gauge, safety valve and CH expansion vessel.

Variable CH and DHW temperature controls are fitted on the user control and the boiler features a DHW preheat facility.

The boiler includes as standard:

- Automatic bypass

- Boiler frost protection

- Daily pump and diverter valve exercise

- Mechanical 24hr timer

The boiler casing is of white painted mild steel.

The boiler temperature controls are visible located in the control panel on the front of the boiler.

The heat exchanger is manufactured from cast aluminium.

The boiler is suitable for connection to fully pumped, sealed heating systems ONLY. Adequate arrangements for completely draining the system by provision of drain cocks MUST be provided in the installation pipework.

Pipework from the boiler is routed downwards.